SANASA’s support for model organic fertilizer unit in Beliatta helps boost organic farming in Sri Lanka

SANASA Entrepreneur Financial Expertise Centre (SEFEC) continues to demonstrate its commitment towards uplifting the standards of organic farming in Sri Lanka through its latest initiative of helping an Agri entrepreneur set up the necessary infrastructure for a successful Model Organic Fertilizer Unit in Beliatta. Through such initiatives, SEFEC hopes to ensure sound organic farming systems […]

SANASA empowers rural communities with Model Spice Processing plant in Orgodapola

SANASA Entrepreneur Financial Expertise Centre (SEFEC) continues to empower rural communities through its latest initiative of constructing a Model Spice Processing Plant at Rideegama in the Kurunegala District. The opening ceremony of the plant was graced by the presence of the Governor of the North-Western Province Raja Kollure, Former Chairperson of North Western Provincial Council […]

Sterilizations for humane eradication of stray animals

The Animal’s Welfare & Protection Association (AWPA) runs two no-kill shelters in Colombo, which today house over 400 animals. The running of these shelters takes an enormous effort and significant funding in order to cover food, medication, and care of our beloved shelter residents.  The shelters themselves require ongoing maintenance in order to provide a […]

Special Leadership Training Program by Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Federation

Subsequent to the control of Covid – 19 outbreak first and second wave; Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Federation of the Archdiocese of Colombo organized a full day Special Leadership Training Program on 1st September 2020 at the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Center, Udammita – Ja Ela. 122 youth representatives from 08 deaneries of the Archdiocese participated at this […]

An appeal to support the AWPA’s Sterilization Programs

The Animals’ Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA) is the oldest animal welfare organization established in 1964 and runs 2 shelters for rescued street dogs and cats in Dehiwala and Kahathuduwa.Apart from this service they continue with their rescue efforts of injured or sick street dogs and cats, conducting sterilization programs for low income pet owners […]